How I Became a Morning Person

I have never been a morning person. In fact, I used to dread mornings. I would have every intention of waking up early and getting things done before the kids woke up, but I would fail every single day. The alarm would go off, and I would hit snooze. Repeatedly. Once I did finally roll out of bed, it would be time to wake the kids up, too. The morning was a rush of everyone trying to get ready, making lunches, making breakfast, changing diapers, and pure chaos. I knew we couldn’t keep doing this – it was making all of our days start out stressful which was good for no one. This is how I finally became a morning person.

I first moved my alarm across the room so I actually had to get out of bed to turn it off. I did not allow myself to hit snooze and run back to bed. I forced myself to turn it off and head to the bathroom right away to brush my teeth. By doing this small activity, it got me awake enough to keep moving forward and not crawl back under the covers.

The first week, I only made myself get up those 15 minutes before having to wake the kids. It was enough time to get myself ready for the day. Those extra minutes made a huge change in my mood. I had more patience with the kids. We were still running around, but since I was ready I didn’t feel as rushed or stressed. In return, the kids fed off my good mood. They were happy and argued less with each other over small things.

I began to look forward to the time to myself in the morning, and I wanted more. So I set my alarm for half an hour earlier. After I got myself ready, I sat out on the front porch with a cup of coffee, and just soaked up the morning sun. It felt so nice to have absolute quiet to reflect on things and plan my day in my head.

My morning time became addictive. I kept adding more time every few weeks. I now have an entire hour and a half to myself before I wake the kids in the morning. I get up at 4:30 every single day. I would have never believed it was possible months ago. I work out for half an hour, do some blogging, do a little house cleaning, and still have time to just sit and think in peace.

It’s amazing what this change has done for my life. I thought I would have to go to bed extremely early at night in order to wake that early. The truth is having that morning time keeps my stress levels low, which allows me to sleep better at night. I never go to bed before 10:30, but I wake feeling refreshed and well rested. I believe I am actually sleeping better than I was before, when I slept longer. I started getting more things done at night to make our mornings run smoother. We pack our lunches, pick out our clothes, and tidy up every evening before we relax and go to bed. This gives me even more time in the mornings to do what I want, and morning chaos has pretty much disappeared.

I’m happier, more rested, a few pounds lighter, and feel like a younger version of myself. My kids are happier and more productive. All because I decided one day, that I should start waking up 15 minutes earlier.

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