Amazing Hand-print Art (7 Images)


These remarkable charcoal finger-paintings of landscapes was created by Judith Braun with her bare hands. These masterpieces are elegant and beautiful and can bring inspiration to your own nursery. The movement and shapes can inspire you to create works of art by just using your fingerprints, giving your new born baby a personal touch with love from the whole family. You can even put signatures next to each hand or finger-print  to show how many people are watching over your beloved newborn. If not, these images can be used to produce new ideas from nature, space (galaxy) and animal imagery. Therefore giving you a beautiful scenery. Check out here work here.

Examples of Hand-Print Art:


These examples of framed art such as the hand and feet ones or the family portrait of hands, gives a huge welcoming message for your child and your family. There is a sense of unity and compassion. It’s something fun to do together and a way of expressing you love for one another. Enjoy.


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