Terrible 2’s (5 Images)

The terrible two’s are an early social development stage associated with mischief and unruly behavior in toddlers. But not always…

1.Keep your Two year olds in a Routine

Keeping your little ones on a schedule is ideal. Kids only become upset or start making a scene when they are overwhelmed and confused. Giving them a routine provides them with something to look forward to.  It also helps them realize “new things” are easy to do, PLUS while on a schedule they are with you and enjoying doing whatever with you. Sure some days will be very tough, however this little miracle wants to figure things out too.

2. Tantrums

MOMMY i want want want want WANT WANT WANT THIS!

Usually tantrums occur due to a lack of understanding or control. Be patient. Look at the situation from your toddler’s perspective.

He or she could be tired and maybe their own world feels upside down right now.  So here are some helpful ideas and tips for you and your little one.

  • Give them space – Let them get their anger out! Their frustration, upset, sadness out, leave them to it. From this age their brain  is developing into discovery. This means they are trying to be independent and adjust to their personal preferences/needs. Meaning it takes time. Who knows it may be something very tiny to us but for them they are dealing with something new.
  • Ignore them – Giving in makes it worst,
  • Be calm – as tantrums can be a sign for your help; they look for your attention and having a tantrum is  one of the ways they know how to express themselves. Listen and take care.
  • Listen and explain – giving reasons is better than “because I said so” or “No’. Giving the respect of them understanding why you said “no” encourages better brain development for your child. Try it.
  • Don’t lose your temper, help your child feel loved no matter what

3. It’s not so terrible

  • Create a diversion  – Having your children engaged and interested in something else, helps him or her cool-down and forget they were having a meltdown. Remember kids have a short attention span. Anything full of wonder and discovery captures their mind completely, engaging them to explore is key. Always sound excited and act as if it’s amazing = given Actress Oscar Award for best mom! Toys, helping you pick a color, food flavor, anything that they never done before is also cool.
  • Having them point- Only amount of words she or he knows, so when they point out to a direct problem and solve it with a good solution and best of all builds on communication. E.g If she points to her sister, sometimes it means they snatched or took something

4. Second Year = Curiosity

He or she is still your baby and it’s normal for them to experience all different types of emotions; cause and effect. They discover something and BOOM! tantrum!, angry, frustrated, laughing, sad etc. They are learning and trying to have control of their world. Help them get through it, encourage, listen and learn with them. They will feel better and love you even more for allowing them to find themselves and their Individuality = reasons why you made this little human being for them to be themselves, love themselves, to love you and your family and to do whatever their heart desires!. Remember its fun, beautiful and memorable to watch them learn!

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