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Since Christmas is coming, it’s time to put those MS Excel skills to use. Finding a good calendar to use etc. Staying Organised is key. Take some of these daily steps for less stress and help you with the holidays this year.

  1. It’s OK – You are not alone, stop trying to do everything yourself!Every busy working parent understands. This month you can achieve your goals by having fun and fulfilled by enjoyment for the Holidays. Being realistic and prioritizing your family activities will help you find all the time you need to have a Merry Christmas!
  2. Delegate – If you are lucky enough to have supportive family and friends, use that to your advantage. If not, no worries.  Decide what to delegate and who is best for that given task. Always make yourself absolutely clear about who is doing what and when. For example in a positive way give suggestions for friends and family to help with tasks like grocery/online shopping, house-cleaning, decorating, party planning or If your children are older than 6 years old time to teach them how-to-do their beds, folding clothes and helping you with the dishes. Just like cooking and making Christmas cookies except doing the everyday chores. You are teaching your children respect for themselves and independence.  Another example of delegating is teaming up with other moms for “teacher gifts” and get together organizing a  Christmas party for your kids and their friends as an example.
  3. Exercise/Workout – Yes it is very hard to find the time to go to the gym or finding the time to do anything as it is overwhelming busy time of the year. However going for a run will help you clean your mind and give you an energy boost. Even jumping on a rope will start your blood pumping and heart beating. Plus it will ensure you at the end of the day that you will have a restful night/sleep.
  4. Enjoy the little things/Time for yourself-  Small gestures such as listening to music, watching your children play, cuddling in bed or making homemade pizzas should not be taken for granted.  Going outside with your children or by yourself is a real treat to get away from the daily responsibilities of our lives.  Do whatever makes you feel like you. Dream, write, sing, dance, paint, pamper yourself, do whatever makes you happy and you can see the stress levels disappearing and to a happy self, mind, body and spirit. Plus you will see that your will be happy family because you are projecting positivity and happiness in their lives. 
  5. PREP – It is good to prepare as much as possible in advance. Even the night before for work and on your daily calendar schedule. Ticking off the boxes and getting things done before hand will ease the rest of your day and upcoming weeks. Getting into this healthy habit of organizing yourself with your family can take a whole new perspective on your life, even just for Christmas. You will realize you will have more time for yourself and fun times to enjoy with your children. Another example could be to buy presents throughout the year to save time and energy, meaning there is no need to rush. This also helps spread the cost. Take advantage of the toy sales that occur in the middle of the year, there is always still time, everyone has time it’s about being flexible and making your time count to be useful as possible. For instances, laying down gym clothes,  work clothes, packing lunch, bags, putting coats and shoes out front etc before going to bed will make the start of your day easier. You will feel more refreshed and better. Stress (check out the link)is the most common symptom to drive you to feeling unwell and it can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, increase the risk of diseases, speed up the aging process and leave you vulnerable to a host of mental and emotional problems. Sometimes stress isn’t always bad. It sometimes motivates you to do your best and makes yourself more self-aware. Nonetheless, PREPARE the night before and other activities days in advance so that you don’t rush around in the morning or any day.
  6. Go Bed Early – Going bed early is very hard when your not tired or sleepy. But going bed at a good time for you with at least 7-9 hours sleep, which is recommended at least by sleep foundation.  Sticking to a sleep schedule or relaxing bedtime ritual such as turning off your electronics 30 mins early will help you feel better in the morning and ready to take on anything. Reading to your children and reading in general before bedtime is good way to exercise the brain. Also listening to soothing music and low light will make it more peaceful for you to sleep.
  7. Morning Routine – Having a morning routine with a good breakfast, a nice hot shower and good TLC for yourself is key for you to feel refreshed, amazing and positive. Just focusing on your family isn’t a way to start your day. You have to look after yourself. First with a healthy breakfast for you and your kids, making sure everything is done before leaving the house and open the curtains, drink plenty of water and move your body!
  8. Take a break – Watching TV, drinking coffee or doing your nails or anything that gives you time to breathe and recharge your batteries is good. This helps a lot with your thinking-process, metabolism, well-being and in general your sanity! Unwinding is good. Make sure you say “this is the time to relax and be carefree none should disturb that”. Even if unwinding is being with your kids, no problem! Do anything creative and fun with your kids, everyone is different so you might unwind with music and sing-along or paint a picture with your children, have bath time whatever it is, it should be something that makes you take your time and able to breathe your time accordingly without interruptions.
  9. Write a list /Manage your time – Create short to do lists and routine schedules this month so that you stay on top of everything this Christmas. For example with school play costumes coming up, moms with little know-how to sewing skills, try to outsource Etsy or other costume sites. Action plan for each day!
  10. Meditate daily – Each day try to find a quiet spot, sit comfortably and start to focus on your breathing for at least for 2 minutes. Inhaling and exhaling.  You can do this first thing in the morning,  on your lunch break or preparing yourself when getting ready. I personally enjoy meditating in the morning while doing Yoga.
  11. Prepare for the day – Be determined with a working routine that works for you and your kids. Everyone responds differently for each day. Following these simple steps and adapting them to your everyday schedule or even making  to work just for you is important. All these tips are interlink with each other and should be easily followed with the right mind set and attitude.


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